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Surrogate's Court practice can involve filing routine probate and administration petitions. But sometimes there are problems: the original Will can't be located; a witness can't be found; the identity or location of a distributee is unknown. Lori specializes in handling estates with these and other non-typical probate and administration issues.


In the best of families, conflicts can arise over distribution of estate assets. Lori can help you to resolve family conflicts before they strain family relationships. Where resolution is not possible or appropriate, she can aggressively protect your interests through Surrogate's Court litigation.


Sometimes, just having a Will is not enough. Without the advice of an experienced estate attorney, you might not have your assets structured in a way that takes advantage of the plan you have created. We understand the importance of an effective wealth transfer strategy, and have the expertise to represent each client's unique interests when creating an estate plan. Our estate attorneys are ready to help you consolidate family wealth, minimize estate taxes, plan for business succession, create charitable foundations and trusts, and ease the legal burdens of estate administration. We routinely provide powers of attorney, living wills and health care proxies as important ancillary documents to a client's primary estate plan.


Our attorneys can assist with probate or administration of estates, collection of estate assets, payment of outstanding debts and income and estate taxes, and distribution of assets to beneficiaries or intestate distributees.

Our legal services include:

Estate Planning

  • Preparation and Execution of Wills,
                  Powers of Attorney, Living Wills,

                  and Health Care Proxies

  • Preparation and Execution of Trusts
  • Lifetime Planned Giving
  • Antenuptial Agreements

Estate Administration and Surrogate's Court Practice

  • Estate and Trust Formal and Informal Accountings
  • Contested and Uncontested Surrogate's Court Proceedings, Including:

               Applications for Probate and Administration,

               Ancillary Probate and Administration,

               Will and Trust Construction proceedings,

               Discovery and Reverse Discovery Proceedings,

               Proceedings for Advice and Direction,

               Negotiation and Settlement of Estate Claims,

               Resignation of Fiduciaries,

               Appointment of Successor Fiduciaries,

               Removal of Fiduciaries,

               Transfer of Situs of Trusts,

               Applications for Advance Commissions,

               Applications for Imposition of Contructive Trust

  • Estate Litigation
  • Will and Trust Contests
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